The End of This Year

What's up?


This Year is Passing!

 In the end of last year, I also wrote this article.


I noticed I wrote this kind of articles every year since I opened this blog. I want to do the same thing every single end of year. This is really like what I am. By the way, Are you wondering why I started to use English? This is just for people who really want to read. When I write in Japanese, It's easy to read. Of cource, I don't use difficult English words.

I'll focus on some ingridients.


About Shakuhachi

I got a tittle of Associate Master from Tozan-ryu. This is not awesome at all.  If you play shakuhachi a little and pay money, you can get it. The thing is whether each person really has the ability. I think this system is a little weird, but for people playing shakuhachi to enjoy, this might be a good milestone.

I think I don't have the ability enough to get the title of Master right now, so I'm improving my playing. And what I really want to do is just to play on Youtube. I want to do for this in the next year. And I want to play on many real stages.


About Foreigin Language

Most Japanese people are in trouble when they have to talk with foreign people. As you know, we are very good at reading English but not at speaking. In this year, I learned English harder than before. This learning is just for talking.

Many foreign people come to my laboratory from all over the world and I have to communicate with them in English. I had a chance to learn from them. but I usually learn on Youtube channels like Buzzfeed. Now I can talk like non-native people outside of Japan. I want to practice more and use many phrases in the next year.

And I started to learn Russian language. I have a twitter account for foreigin people and follow a lot of Russian people, which is just all of a sudden.  In the past I took a class of Russian at colleage but I have totally forgotten. But the other day I watched a video of a beautiful woman called Saya Scarlet on Youtube who is not able to speak English. (Please watch her video.) I wanted to know much about Russia and started to learn. Я очень хочу утить русский язык.


About New Job

As you know I'm a graduate school student. I'm going to graduate at March in 2020 so I have to look for my new job. In this year I happend to get a part-time job. In this company I do programming. Before that I worked as programmer. So I think I might be better at doing like this in my carrer. If possilbe, I want to work at a foreign country a few years later. Anyway, I want to get my job in the next year...


About My Research

I entered the graduate school at Univ. Tokyo in this year. My life have totally changed. At first, I had to do a lot of things for my research. I designed a new device, played RaspberryPi, went to the Kyusyu by plane and etc. I have done just only what I could do. All I got is how to manage my time.

This laboratory might be better than before. As I mentioned, reserchers come from all over the world. And there are many students I can feel free to talk with. An enviroment might be one of the important factors for choosing my job. 




 The Next Year is Coming!

 Let's go ahead!





Seiren? What is it? The top among this year's animes is Blend S.


Short Talk - Devotion

Who do you respect?


The associate professer who teaches me is one of the persons I respect. He really devotes his life to what he decided to do. He always does that. Do you have anything you want to acheive in your entire life? When you find out that, do you think you can devote yourself to that? It might be hard for everyone. I want to do anything like him.


But I want him to stop working at 11p.m. during the Bon season.


























Short Talk - Various Meats

No way!


Today, I thought I am going to write a article about how international my labratory is, but I cheaked this above article just now and I want to share this with you before that.

Actually, I have ever eaten a meat of a boar at a restrant near to Tsukuba. The restrant serves it during fall. It was unique and tasty. If you are interested in it, please ask me. Let's go!

Short Talk - Venice

You know Venice looks so nice.


Venice Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia - YouTube


I heard the movie of pokemon, mizuno miyako, was on TV and regretted it later. This movie is one of my favorite animes. The last kiss scean made me so excited. I want to watch again.

You guess, The scean is Venice.

And then, I was looking for something about Venice and watching Venice on youtube and google streetview while I want to go there someday...just a moment,  when is someday?

Recently, I need to go school, look for my job and play shakuhachi. I have no time. I guess, I won't have a plenty of time since now.

I don't want to lose my small hope due to working on my way.

Small talk - Becoming Teacher

 A few months ago, I occasionally wanted to be a high school teacher. 


アニメ「セイレン」と僕 - そのへんのめも

アニメ「セイレン」の期待と実際 - そのへんのめも


 As watching Seiren, I thought that my entire life was already ended at a last day of my high school life. High school students have endless possibilities. We don't have any possibility and can only do what we have been doing.  I felt so from Seiren.

 At the same time, I felt like getting a role model of my future. This is why I wanted to be a high school teacher. If I become a teacher, I could always look to students' possibilities and  help them.

 However, I don't have qualification for teaching, so it was difficult to decide becoming a teacher if not impossible. 


 I considered very deeply and then decided not to be a teacher.

 That is because I should do what I have. We have life stages of each age. For high school students there is what they should do. Of course, for us. It is too late for me to be a teacher. It is a little wrong that what I should do relies on their possibilities from now. We have to face our own future, even if it is already ended. See reality.


 Maybe, It is a common sense... 








 By the way, when is the later Seiren on air?