Small talk - Becoming Teacher

 A few months ago, I occasionally wanted to be a high school teacher. 


アニメ「セイレン」と僕 - そのへんのめも

アニメ「セイレン」の期待と実際 - そのへんのめも


 As watching Seiren, I thought that my entire life was already ended at a last day of my high school life. High school students have endless possibilities. We don't have any possibility and can only do what we have been doing.  I felt so from Seiren.

 At the same time, I felt like getting a role model of my future. This is why I wanted to be a high school teacher. If I become a teacher, I could always look to students' possibilities and  help them.

 However, I don't have qualification for teaching, so it was difficult to decide becoming a teacher if not impossible. 


 I considered very deeply and then decided not to be a teacher.

 That is because I should do what I have. We have life stages of each age. For high school students there is what they should do. Of course, for us. It is too late for me to be a teacher. It is a little wrong that what I should do relies on their possibilities from now. We have to face our own future, even if it is already ended. See reality.


 Maybe, It is a common sense... 








 By the way, when is the later Seiren on air?